Week4: HTML & CSS Basics

September 24, 2018
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  1. Read through the HTML & CSS handbook attached.  Also, look through the associated CSS links which will help you style and format your pages for this weeks class.
  2. Pick 2 of the 3 layouts below.  Try to replicate the layouts from the what we learned in class and the examples I provided in the slides.  The boxes with the Xs are place holders for your images.  Use url links to place images in your designs.  To host your images online, make a private account using a service such as Imgur.com.  Also, I did not include headers or special fonts in my sketches below.  Feel free to make design choices which have more fonts and extra details.
  3. Link your CodePen work areas to your blogs for me to look over.  Good luck and have fun!

CSS Color
Google Fonts

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