Week3: Graphic & Web Design

September 17, 2018
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  1. Website Analysis (Post final images to Blog)
    • Take 3 websites and annotate their features. Make note of:
      -Alignments and Grids
      -Hierarchies (How do you know what’s important? I it color, scale, spacing which focus your attention?)
      -Fonts used and why (Is there a system or hierarchy?)
      -Proximity (What items seem to be intentionally groups or paired together?)
      -Consistency (or inconsistency of fonts, styles, colors, spacing etc.)
      -What other principles of design were utilized?  Be specific.
    •  Take 1 of the 3 websites and annotate a secondary page in that site.
      -What are the consistencies between the two pages?
      -Where do alignments and grids break from the proceeding page?
      -Are all the fonts the same? (is the title font the same as the title font on all other pages)
      -What things are missing from the original page?
  2. Graphic Self Portrait or Logo Design (Post final image to Blog) 
    • Using Illustrator (and Photoshop if you would like), make a self portrait or logo design which represents you or professional practice you wish to have.
    • Describe your thoughts and intentions behind the design.  What elements of design did you utilize? What fonts did you choose to represent you?  What line weights? What shapes? What colors?  Why does this represent you? Explain your intent.
  3.  Read the 2 readings below.
  4. Respond to readings and Post to your blog.
    • Describe a design which you have encountered or are very familiar with where the user experience or user interface was appropriate or inappropriate.  This design can be anything from a subway kiosk to a smart phone app.  What about the design was intuitive or difficult? How could it have been better?  Was it uncomfortable? Did you even notice the design?  ~500 words at least.

Attractive Things Work Better – Don Norman
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