Week2: Design & Media

September 10, 2018
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  1. Make a personal blog or web page.   Please send me the URL for your website via email as soon as you have one.  This ‘blog’ will be used to submit weekly assignments and documentation for your projects.
    • This can be a dedicated page from an existing personal website/blog if you already have one.
    • If you do not have a existing website/blog, I suggest…
      -Tumblr.com (free)
    • If you want a custom domain (ie. somethingsomthing.com), you can purchase and register your domain name through…. (this costs money)
      -dreamhost.com (domain registration and remote server hosting)
      -godaddy.com (domain registration and remote server hosting)
    • If you want to start a quick and pretty portfolio for the class consider…. (this cost money, but they have custom templates for ease)
  2. Read the 4 readings below.
  3. Respond (on your blog) to Marshall McCluhan’s The Medium is the Message.
    • What thoughts or issues did you have with anything that he may say?  Do you agree or disagree?  ~150 words.
    • Choose an artist, designer, or project.  Think critically about their chosen media.  Explain why they do (or do not) use the appropriate media/medium for their work.    ~500 words at least…….
  4.  Lastly, come to the next class with a website that you want to work with.  Choose anything.  It can be an artist, design firm, e-commerce site etc.  We will be working with these sites in class analyzing their designs and mechanisms.

Principles of Graphic Design
Guide to Web Design
Graphic Design
The Medium is the Message – Marshall McCluhan

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