Week11: Final Projects

Week11: Final Projects

November 26, 2018
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For your final, we will be making a Javascript based infographic.
The next consecutive classes (Nov. 26, Dec. 3rd, and 10th) will be dedicated to in-class lab time working with materials covered in previous classes.  These in class sessions will be opportunities to help each other and get advice from me on how to move forward. December 17th, your finals are due by the end of class.  Class will be optional if you are submitting digital materials.  This will also be the last chance to get help and work out bugs in your code.  However, your projects should be nearly completed at this time.

Due December 3rd:

  • Usable dataset for your final. Attach dataset as a link to your blogs.  There is an opportunity for you to make your own data.  If you do choose to do this, you will need to speak with me about specific expectations.
  • A 600 (minimum) word description of the dataset used.  Post this to your -blogs. Included in your description should be:
    -Where it came from.
    -Who made it.
    -How it was collected.
    -Who did the survey.
    -Potential biases.
    -Potential blind spots in the process of collecting the data.
  • A sketch of your infographic. Post as JPEGs to your blogs.
    -First sketch by hand an idea of your layout and how best to chart your data.
    -Translate this sketch to Adobe Illustrator for legibility.
    -Start a rough sketch in P5.js translating your drawings to JavaScript code (post this as a link).

Due December 10th:

  • 3-5 min Presentation of current progress, where you are, and what you have been thinking with your infographic.
  • Make progress with you work to ask question in class and get help on troublesome issues.

Due December 17:

  • Final projects are due by the end of class, unless you have spoken with me and received an extension. See details above.

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