Week 5-6

Week 5-6

October 30, 2017
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My initial model which I scanned seemed to have proportions which were too extreme to use with the Mixamo auto-rigger.  To work around this, I took a Fusion character and constructed a new character based on a more standard skeleton type used for animations.

Initially when uploaded, Mixamo didn’t like the new model.  So I went back into Maya where I had constructed my model and re-attached the old skeleton to the new model.  A few minor adjustments to the skeleton where made.  I wonder if I could readjust the proportions of the model’s skeleton’s hips, because when I brought her into Mixamo, her mesh did not perform as anticipated.  I texture mapped the ‘google search bar’ across her chest.  You know, for color and all.

I animated the characters in unreal using the camera sequencer.  I had a difficult time rendering my video.  My computer would process for hours and then quit on me.  Probably because of the lighting.  Instead, I ran the sequence and did a screen recording.

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