Newtown 2050

Newtown 2050

March 20, 2017
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Collaborators: Marina Zurkow, Nick Hubbard, Rebecca Lieberman

Above: Map of the surrounding area of Newtown Creek.  Map shows rising tide predictions for 2050 as well as the currently documented city owned green spaces and community gardens.

The purpose of this project is to understand the current situation of the Newtown Creek area as a government SuperFund site, as well as to try to imagine what the creek can be and what we can do to activate change in the area for its sustainable future.  The main issue is that the creek and its problems are not very accessible to the local community.

Issues and interventions along the Gowanus Canal, in contrast, are a lot more well known to the Gowanus area community.  Artists and designers have created ad hoc systems to mitigate street run off and canal pollution.  Newtown 2050 is a mapping project designed to encourage bottom-up participation with the Newtown Creek clean up in a similar way that has been exhibited along the Gowanus Canal.

Above: Selection of images of Gowanus Canal interventions and ad hoc green spaces.

There are two parts to this mapping project.  Part one will be to make a survey map, a physical printed map, that I can use to collect data of informal green interventions.  ….more soon…

Image of Unity landscape generated from Mapbox data.  

Above: Rhino import from Unity-Mapbox.  View East Williamsburg towards Manhattan and Long Island City, Queens.

Above:  Newly modeled Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Location of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk site, and the Newtown Creek waterway.  View from Greenpoint to Manhattan and Long Island City Queens.

Above: Newtown Creek Nature Walk Rhino model space, satellite map from google, and ground view from nature walk.

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