Newtown 2050

Newtown 2050

March 17, 2017
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Collaborators: Marina Zurkow, Nick Hubbard, Rebecca Lieberman

Newtown 2050 is a project originally started by Marina Zurkow, Nick Hubbard, and Rebecca Lieberman.  The project started off as a post-naturalist project examining Newtown Creek, a U.S. Super Fund site which has been heavily polluted over the last century.  The original project was a walking sound tour concentrated on the Newtown Creek Nature Walk, a park located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The sound tour was intended to be a artistic platform to make the creek and its history more accessible and engaging.  This project and it’s potential engagement has expanded.

I was brought on to make a VR piece examining a possible future Newtown Creek in the year 2050.  We asked ourselves, what kind of bottom-up interventions could reclaim the creek from industry and what types of ad hoc participation could clean up the creek and mitigate further damage?   I will make a physical printed map that will allow us to survey with QGIS.  We will take this survey map around the creek via bike to talk to workers and locals from the area and “map” unquantifiable information and collect data from marginalized communities.  The second part of the map, is to make an interactive 3D map of the space that shares the same data from the physical survey map.  I plan on using either Tangram by Mapzen or Unity with Mapbox.


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