[Final] Conversations in Punk: Art within Intellectual Climate Change

[Final] Conversations in Punk: Art within Intellectual Climate Change

March 5, 2017
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Above: Possible webpage for course information on museum website

Theme:  The course is intended to examine the intellectual climate around a specific art piece.  The art piece will be examined intensively in reference to other artworks, music, literature, culture, politics, and sciences of and around the period in which it was made in order to frame the choices the artists made with the execution of their piece.  Courses will also examine the piece’s importance within the larger conversations in art.

Objective: The course is meant to be an introductory level course that will teach participants to look at art and become more visually literate for certain themes and ideas not completely transparent for all audiences.

Who: Every month the course will be taught and curated by a guest artist or art historian.  This expert will be encouraged to engage topics of interest to them and to stimulate conversation in areas of interest to the workshop participants.  Experts will be required to examine work in relation to topics of music, literature, culture, politics, and sciences; not art alone.

Duration: Each topic would last one month.  The consecutive month’s topic would be roughly based on the art, artists, or ideas presented in the previous course topic.  The courses would be tangentially related and participants would be encouraged to return for next workshop topic in the following month.  The topics would not be focused on a timeline.

Setting: The workshop would take place within a private gallery space.  The gallery would be curated and organized by the guest expert.  The expert will be allowed to select any number of pieces from the museum collection (not currently exhibit) to be viewed and discussed with the workshop participants.  The expert will also be encouraged to bring in auxiliary material which can be presented as they choose within the gallery space.  Within the gallery would be a large oval table to sit at most 15 people.  This is where the symposium style discussions would take place led by the instructor.

Feasible Alternative:  Since the above is my dream workshop, I propose an alternative to my workshop.  Instead, I propose a workshop broken into 3 sessions.   The sessions would be similar to my MoMA museum workshop I did last week.  Each session would focus on one art piece.  I would bring a series of slides with art, music, literature, culture, politics, and sciences to examine the piece being discussed.  I will chose 3 pieces of work which are tangentially related to each other in order to keep cohesion between sessions.

Below: Possible survey questions to improve workshop

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