Mycelium 3D Printer

Mycelium 3D Printer

March 1, 2017
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Instructor: Stefani Bardin || Collaborators: Kadallah Burrowes

We propose to make a gantry-based additive manufacturing robot (ie. 3D printer) which extrudes fibrous nutrient material that has been inoculated with mushroom spores. We propose a digital fabrication technique that is more sustainable and environmentally responsible.  We hope to implement the mycelium 3D printer in fabricating a bee hive out of mushroom material.  The digital fabrication process will allow us to test and study the type of form and architecture which can be design to deter mite infestations in bee hives.  We are looking to the research of Paul Stamets who has been experimenting with certain types of mushrooms and their attributes to prevent mite infestations in hives.  We hope to see if architectural form and materiality can be used to in tandem to prevent mite infestation and colony collapse of bee hives.

Rough project schedule

Paul Stamets

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